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SmartShoot brings the power of professional photos and videos to everyone. We help businesses and individuals find and collaborate with professional freelance photographers and videographers.

  • Describe your project. Be creative – you’re the client

  • The best creatives pitch for your business

  • Pick your creative using samples, ratings & history

  • Collaborate & manage projects with our online platform


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“SmartShoot allowed us to execute a big idea in a time frame we thought was impossible, delivering high quality photo shoots of our clients around the world.”

- Katy Keim, CMO at Lithium Technologies

“SmartShoot matched us with high quality filmmakers across the US, helping us capture amazing video interviews with our top customers.”

- Toby Murdock, Co-founder & CEO at Kapost

“SmartShoot saved my hide. I posted to another service 3 times and nothing.”

- Sean Black, Founder & CEO at Crunched


“You built exactly what I’ve been looking for…Your new bid system is a Godsend!”

- Susie Jerez, Project Manager at Engajer

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