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William H Jones Jr - Political and Cultural Event Photographer

Photography · Oakland California United States

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Recently relocated to Brooklyn NY, I love shooting social activists and performing artists including dancers, spoken word artists, and nightclub performers (especially dancers) at social events, in concert settings and in the streets capture the energy, spirit and exuberant joy of performing artists. Combining my background in International Relations (Bachelors or Arts: San Francisco State University) with emphasis on Sub-Saharan African affairs, (which includes the study of folklore) along with photojournalism experience, and an in-depth knowledge world history and music, I apply my sensibilities to the photos I take in an ever expanding intention to capture facial expressions and body language/posture(s) that demonstrates cultural traditions and captures the joy of my subjects, be they dancers or community activists. Most of my experience is in shooting in circumstances where use of available light (flash absolutely prohibited) is mandatory, where light is low and subjects move very fast. I am open to working with major studio photographers (look forward to it) as a Photographer Assistant. A lifetime of participating in cultural events, along with magazine photojournalism has given me a “trained eye” and a 6th sense to feel when key moments in an event are about to occur. Just like a pair of good dancers, my eyes are trained to dance through your events with photos taken at key moments.