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Wedding Videos - The Basics

Congratulations! You found your soul mate and now you want to show the world that you are ready to be with them for the rest of your life. Fantastic! No pressure, but this is one the most important days of your life. So it's best to hire the best wedding videographer that you can find. Your wedding videographer will capture the story of the your love so you can share with friends and family the were not able to make the wedding, to reminisce, or so you can show your little ones.

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Tips for Weddings Videography


Don't Overlook

The wedding videographer provides you with a product that no other wedding vendor can provide and it is none other than your wedding video, which shows the sights and sounds of you, your moments, and behind the scenes. It is something that should not be overlooked.


Don't Go Cheap

The cost for a high quality wedding videographer is not cheap because their time, talent, and technology are not cheap. So when you book him or her, expect to spend at least $1,000 - $2,000 on their services.


Don't Book Last Minute

High quality wedding videographers book up quickly and there is quite a bit of paperwork and consultations involved once you do book one. This means you should book months to a year in advance.


Don't Just Choose Anyone

Make sure that the wedding videographer's work is of a high quality. The sound should be clearly recorded and the video should be crisp, sharp, and colorful. There should be no excuses for sloppy work.

Ken Lehman

How much do wedding videos cost?

Wedding videography usually commands a higher end investment as you'll want to the best videographer capturing your day. Wedding day shoots require quite a bit of coordination, sometimes a second shooter and a also require a fair amount of editing to render down the day to something that people can watch over and over again. Wedding packages tend to be start around the 1,800 range and can max at about $10,000! Most affordable shoots and edits fall in the $3,000 to $4,000 range. Be sure to consult with your creative about the packages that they offer and what types of coverage and final videos your would like such as a wedding teaser or trailer, ceremony, reception, full day edit, etc.

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Full Day Wedding Shoot

Wedding Videos shoots come in both packages as well and ala carte. You can opt for packages will only cover the wedding party and ceremony. Or you can pay more for coverage of the full day from the bride and groom preparing for their day to the final dance. Consider what you would like shot and what you think your ideal budget would be. If there are multiple events you want covered like the bride and groom wedding preparation, be sure to let the videographer know as they may need to hire a second shooter and add that to their proposal price. If you have a wedding planner, have them communicate and coordinate. Most weddings have lots of moving parts and you'll want your wedding videographer to capture it all!

Suggested Price: $3000

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