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Video Director - Alex Kinter

Photography and Videography · Dallas Texas United States

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Alex is available as a Video Director, Video Marketing Consultant and Director of Photography with experience across multiple genres from commercials, to music videos, corporate videos, documentary films, web series, pilots and feature films. Kinter attended film school in Los Angeles, and is a certified master RED Digital Imaging Technician & Director of Photography. Kinter founded Solarity Studios, as well as filmed and photographed a wide range of celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Will Ferrel, Zach Galifianakis, Dirk Nowitski, Val Kilmer, Selena Gomez,and Stephen King. Kinter has taken lead in many projects in the industry with commercials and promos for local businesses, national companies and international brands. As well as creative for a variety of music videos for MTV and Vevo. Alex is no stranger to visualizing and defining the style and structure of video, and then bringing the project to life. He can carry out duties such as casting, script editing, shot composition, shot selection and editing. In the past, Alex has been seen as the crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams. His unerring commitment to production and deep passion for his clients has helped him become a strong and confident leader as well as obtain a positive collaborative mindset. With his attention to detail and relentless focus, he has the ability to inspire people and motivate teams to work intensively for long hours at a time. Camera equipment and production gear are available for every budget including various Drones, Ultra HD Cameras like the Sony FS7, Sony A7s, BMPC 4K, RED Epic Dragon, Arri Alexa and Cinema Lenses. With experience and training using gear such as Red Digital Cinema Cameras, his edgy-creative, directing and production expertise, provide viewers with the view of the world through Kinter’s unique angles, creating products, experiences, and impressions shared with an entirely new perspective. Kinter's ambition and expertise in branding, digital marketing & direction showcases a skill arsenal cross trained to include digital strategy, market research, SEO/SEM, web development, graphic design, photography, social media, publicity, advertising, distribution & content marketing. During the pre-production phase, Alex makes crucial decisions as the Video Director, like selecting the best cast, crew and locations for the project. Then he directs the rehearsals and the artistic performances of the actors once the project has stepped into the production phase. Alex has managed the technical aspects of production including the camera, sound, lighting, design and special effects. While in post-production, Alex works closely with Video Editors through the various technical processes of video editing, to arrive at the final version of the video project. In many cases, Alex has been responsible for motivating his team to produce the best possible results. He has maintained awareness of the budget constraints, scheduling and managing the expectations of a projects executive financiers. and leadership team. In commercial production, corporate videos, and promotional clips, Alex's vision is sometimes complimented or supplemented by the vision of the advertising agency, marketing agency, production company, aboard with the must have items of the client or business owner. Often times the style of the video production will rely on the client and the messaging they want to tell their audiences - mostly about how their product or service is different and showcase their value proposition. Not only is the job of the video director to be creative and make the project unique, but it is also to ascertain that the video meets the expectations of the client - as well as determine that it will be an awesome video everyone will delighted to experience. When Kinter is brought on to a project as Video Director, he is often the creative influence responsible for driving a film, commercial or other video production. Alex often works with creative producers, writers, editors, lighting techs, composers, and production assistants to create videos for a variety of purposes. Alex is often left in charge of content capture and is very familiar with the technical aspects of content creation. Alex's team help pick outcomes regarding, budget, scheduling, supervising the script and its changes, shaping and positioning lighting and other important aspects and processes in respect to the execution of the project. Alex can be hired for various roles and project types from, video director, video marketing consultant, to educational work, large venue talks, seminars and smaller workshops. He has done frequent talks on workflow, studio lighting, and video marketing strategy. Learn more at: http://www.alexkinter.com

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