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Video Animating - The Basics

Whether it's a web series, broadcast commercial, simple animations for educational videos, or a complex animated dissection on a mechanical feature, video animating projects are employed in almost every type of video you can imagine. Unlike an animated explainer, animation does not have to comprise the whole video, instead video animating or motion graphics can comprise the whole video or can some of the animated components in a video: lower thirds, opening and end credits and "bumpers," video composites, 2D and 3D animations and animated text.

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Tips for Video Animating Videography


Concept. Communication. Compromise.

Consider the information that you need to convey and look and feel that you would like animated. Try to have your concepts for the animation as locked in as possible and convey as many details as possible to your animator. More details give the animator a better sense for what you area looking for and what you would like to be animated. Use examples if you have them. A good animator will help communicate what can be accomplished for your budget. Be open to communication and compromise as your budget or ideas may need to change. Be sure to mention if this is going to be added to a live action video that is being produced by another production team. If so, make sure everyone is looped in on communication.


Storyboarding & Approval

At the beginning of the project, the animator will produce a few concept storyboards for you to review. Review each board carefully and be sure to make recommendations and ask questions about the process. Before animation begins is the time to give your feedback - changes after animation tend to be expensive. Be sure that you are completely happy with the concept before you sign off. Upon approval, the animator will begin production.



If the video is totally animated, production is the portion that will take the longest. However, if you only need an animator to produce an animation or motion graphics component as part of a live action production, be sure to connect your animator directly with your production team so that the video elements can be edited with minimal issues. See what your animator's milestone strategy is and check in often on longer productions. To keep your project on deadline, be ready to answer any questions from your animator that may have not been answered in the preproduction stage.


Deliverables for You & the Editor

Motion Graphics or Video Animation footage can be delivered digitally or via hard drive to both you and the editor of the final video. Some video animators charge more for the assets and footage that they produce outside of the final deliverable. Be sure to check with your animator on what they charge for the their footage early on so you can factor that into your budget.

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How much does Video Animation and Motion Graphics cost?

Most animation projects are priced by the number and complexity of the animations. In general, the more technical or complex the animation the more the cost. Most producers will offer slight deals on bigger productions, but animation can be a lengthy, technical and creative process that can get expensive relative to the video portion of a project.

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An example project

Motion Graphics & Video Animation needed for a video project

With motion graphics or animated explainer videos, be sure to list the amount of work needed (stand alone animation vs animation that will be used with other video elements). Be sure to specify if you have the assets already produced and just need animation or if you need an animator to produce and animate the assets. Also be sure to let the animator know if you need storyboarding or if this portion of production is already complete. List your turnaround time and your deliverables preference. The more detail here, the better the animator will be able to provide a fair and complete price.

Suggested Price: $1200

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