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Travis Cobb

Photography · Richardson United States

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Hello, I'm Travis Cobb and this is what I do. Hopefully, if you’ve looked through my work, you’ve noticed that I really don't shoot in traditional manners or methods. That is to say, in a way, that if you're looking for images of small children wearing tutus while holding balloons and sitting inside of a suitcase in a field of tall grass at sunset...then keep looking. My images are intimate, candid and personal. Direction is key in composing an image that will endure. These aren’t high school yearbook photographs; I’ll never ask you to “put your chin on your fist, tilt your head, and say cheese.” I do ask, however, that you allow yourself to be open, relaxed, and most importantly, to be yourself. Your pictures will thank you, as will I. These are your photographs, but they are also my work. I want your input, your questions, suggestions and ideas; after all, you and I both have to live with them. I want your images to be set apart and I will try my absolute best to present something unique to you; a perspective of you that people may not always be afforded the opportunity to see. I implore you to let go and to be unafraid to try something new or different and you might find that you amaze yourself in what we can capture.

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