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Travel Videos - The Basics

Motion picture storytelling and photography is a technical and artistic craft. Whether it's created locally, or in exotic locations on the other side of the world, serving the story is always the priority. Directing everything involved in that process on a budget with subtle and measured expertise is the challenge. Travel videos are great for telling a locale's story and can play a key role in tourism.

by Matt Nothelfer
Matt Nothelfer

Tips for Travel Videography


Define Your Idea

Many projects start from inspiration that you may have seen before. The sentiment of "Hey, I'd love to have something like that for me!" is where most productions begin. If those inspirations and examples are shared with the potential creative, it's a great way to understand the desires and needs of the client. So, feel free to share URL's and links to videos that illustrate what's in your mind's eye, and let the creatives take it from there!


Build Your Narrative

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Travellers are looking for a story. Think about what stories you would like to tell about the location you want filmed. Is it the history? The lives of the people that are there? The tale of development? Of change? Think about and speak with your creative on how best establish your narrative hook.


Location! Location! Location!

With your narrative in mind, create a tour of your best locations, share this with the filmmaker so they can get a sense of building narrative beats that support the visuals of each location.


Marry Audio with Video

While video is a massive element, your video's audio is also massive. Consider the music you use so it aids to render a place. Interviews are key as well. Having some of the locals guide you through the location is incredibly powerful in building a sense of place. Also, sound design, think about the smaller audio samples that your creative can use to help flesh out locales. Clever use of wildlife, street noise, ambient or diegetic sound will pull the viewer in to your travel video. Speak with your creative about what sounds and music would work best in your travel video.

by Matt Nothelfer

How much do Travel Videos cost?

The price for Travel videography can vary wildly depending on the travel needed. When budgeting for travel videography be sure to factor in travel costs to each location or as part of the shoot. Consider the cost of the creative's hotel accommodation, transport within the city and if needed the cost of admitance to locations you would like covered. Be sure to consider that the filmmakers may need to apply for shooting permits for certain areas which can also add to the cost.

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An example project

2 Minute Travel Video

Consider the locations, time, travel stipend when reaching out to a creative about a travel videos. Answer where, who will be intervewed, how long the shoot might take and when you would like to see the complete video. Will you cover accomodations, food, etc on the shoot. Travel videos can be pretty big endevours so be prepared to compensate your creative for their hard work. Sometimes you only get one shot on travel videos so make sure you have the best creative for the shoot.

Suggested Price: $2400

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