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Photography · Denver United States

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Tosha Blackburn was introduced to photography at Clearfield High School in Utah as part of one of her courses a senior (class of 2006). She was re-introduced to photography in 2011, when her blue eyed, six pound thirteen ounce daughter, Ayanna, made her entrance into the world. Tosha began taking photographs every day to document Ayanna's life. This quickly turned into a fixation to learn as much as she possibly could to produce better work. Tosha is constantly exerting herself to become better by educating herself through trial and error, workshops, and other industry professionals workshops, and mentorship. Tosha's work is never concluded, and she continues striving to become better than her previous shoots. Specializing in fashion+lifestyle commercial photography, Tosha does not limit herself to only one location, and is available for work world-wide.

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