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Tim Mulholland

Photography · Fitchburg Wisconsin United States

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Travel Photography

I'm an avid traveler and especially love to visit remote and out-of-the-way places. In this gallery, you'll find a cross-section of my work, focusing on my Wisconsin home, my love of the desert Southwest in the United States and the year that I lived and worked in New Zealand.

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Aoraki Twilight Coyote Gulch, Utah MacKenzie Basin, New Zealand MacKinnon Pass Tarn, Fiordland National Park, NZ Pewits Nest, New Zealand Thanksgiving Arch, Arizona Bascom Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison Harvest Corn, Midwest Olivine Range, Fiordland National Park, NZ St. Clair Beach, Dunedin, NZ Von River Valley, New Zealand I *HEART* NZ
Arboretum Boardwalk Fluted Stream, Coyote Gulch, Utah MacKinnon Pass, New Zealand Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin Secret Falls, New Zealand Time Traveler, Prague, Czech Republic Waimakariri Valley, New Zealand MacKinnon Pass Pan, New Zealand Pewits Nest, WIsconsin Thresheree Pan, Wisconsin Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand
Arawhata River, New Zealand Gibraltar Rock, Wisconsin Milford Sound Pan, New Zealand Parfrey's Glen Pan, Wisconsin Sunset Arch, Utah Toroweap Morning, Grand Canyon Waimakariri Valley, New Zealand Madison Sunset Teardrop Arch, Utah Photo 29 by Tim Mulholland for Travel Photography Wanganui River Valley, New Zealand


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