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Peter Christy

Photography · Berkeley California United States

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20 ratings
81 jobs completed
Projects starting at $650

I shoot for fun. Occasionally, I get a good shot. I also work for SmartShoot. and something to do with tea also

Peter Christy's Overall Rating

"This guy is friggin amazing... the way he can juggle sheep while also herding cats is unbelievable!!!"

Justin McCarthy 2014-02-20

"Making this stunning HD video was such a great experience start to finish. We recommend Peter for all your media creation needs."

Peter Christy 2015-07-10

"Amber waves of grain!"

Molly Francis 2014-12-11

"Great photos. We'll definitely recommend SmartShoot to our friends."

SmartShoot Partner 2013-01-27

"the final video is so awesome! "

Molly Francis 2014-12-08

"this guy shoots HD video like a real pro!"

Molly Francis 2014-12-11