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Testimonial Videographer

King William, Virginia

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Rick Bancroft
Rick Bancroft - Mechanicsville, VA

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1 -2 Min Testimonial Video

An affordable testimonial video is usually about 1- to 2-minutes and will include one or two interviewees and some b-roll (typically their story as it relates to the subject or product). Be sure to talk about how many people you would like to have interviewed and in what locations. Be sure to ask what the rate would be if you require the videographer to travel far. Be sure to specify if you want any graphics included in the video and what the purpose of the testimonial is - to inform, sell, etc. to help give the videographer and editor a better sense of the tone of the video. Engage actively in pre-production (planning before the shoot) and talk about what you would like to see and add appropriate examples where possible. Remember, the more info given, the better.

Suggested Price: $800

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Christie Goshe

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