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Testimonial Videos - The Basics

Testimonial videos tell a story by describing a problem faced and how a product, service, person, or someone’s faith helped deal with or solve the problem. Although testimonials should be in the first person and told in the author’s own words, correct grammar and spelling are important. Video testimonials should include the name of the person making the statement and be dated. Testimonial videos may take a variety of forms, describing an experience with a product, person, service, product, or religion. • Video Testimonials for a Product and Service Video testimonials for products and services should be truthful. However, you want your product or service to be presented in a positive light. Most video testimonials for product or services begin by describing a situation faced and how the product or service solved the problem. Also, include any preconceptions and how the product or service met or exceeded expectations. • Video Testimonials for People A video testimonial for an individual is similar to a letter of recommendation. They should include the following:  How you met the person  How the person positively affected your life, work, etc.  A description of the person’s strengths  A recommendation to those watching the video This type of video may be used in a legal matter or as part of someone's job application. The statements you make about the person should be backed up with specific examples. For example, if you describe a person as honest, describe some times when honesty was displayed. • Religious Video Testimonials A religious video testimonial may be for a religious organization or describe a deeply personal religious experience. Address the audience as if you are directly speaking to someone looking to you for answers or guidance. Describe what life was like before joining the religious organization, how you were introduced to it, and how it has changed your life. If you are describing the affect a religious experience had on your life, describe the experience, how it made you feel, and the outcome. You can also include religious texts or quotes related to the experience. Testimonials work when they are credible because they are word-of-mouth marketing. They provide much-needed proof of the importance and effectiveness of a product, service, or person. Testimonial videos sell because they are: • Interesting Testimonials gain attention because people are curious about other people and their personal experiences. • Highly Credible When you say very nice things about yourself and your product or service, they sound either hollow or like bragging. When others say the same thing, they sound believable. • Able to Overcome Buying Hesitation You lose sales customers because they hesitate. Testimonial videos are reassuring to a would-be customer because viewers are witnessing an existing customer’s satisfied endorsement. • Able to Reinforce Sales Points The best testimonials address and reinforce your product or service’s unique selling points and knock down the viewer’s buying objections one by one. • Not Like Advertising in Look, Sound, or Feel A video testimonial is subtly persuasive, making them one of the strongest sales tools. • Able to Show a Product, Service, or Person at Its Best No company can possibly please every customer, but a video testimonial identifies and documents your very best, most satisfied customers, giving you their honest, heart-felt endorsement. • Mini-Documentaries Testimonial videos are slice-of-life documentaries that clearly show customer problems, your solution, and how the customer benefits. Adding videos to your website adds a personal touch to it. You want people to feel like they know your product, service, or the person you are recommending like an old friend or colleague.

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Tips for Testimonial Videography


Find Your Style

Testimonial videos usually have one or two cameras employed when shooting the actual testimonial. Typically, there is b-roll to cut away to that needs to be shot and edited. Good audio equipments is necessary to capture audio. Some testimonials will only need one interviewee, but it is not uncommon to have a few interviewees appear.


Decide On Deliverables

Typical testimonial videos are around 1-3 minutes in duration. Final videos are usually delivered electronically via a file sharing site (like DropBox) and can be loaded to video streaming platforms like Vimeo or Youtube where you can pull the embed file. Longer videos can be delivered via a mailed hard drive.



Good testimonial videos usually involve an interview and a demonstration of the product or benefit that the interviewee realized - you can save time and money by shooting both the interview and the use-case at the same time.


After the Shoot

Videos involve at a minimum a shoot and editing - in the case of a video testimonial, editing is where the sound bits from the on-camera talent is combined with b-roll of the company and product to produce a final piece. Most projects include multiple rounds of edits or drafts (typically two) of the video so you can have a say in the cut. More edits, or a partial reshoot can usually be requested, but at an additional cost, so pre-production thinking before the shoot and organized edit feedback helps keep video projects on message and on budget.

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How much do Testimonial Videos cost?

There is no simple answer to the question of how much you will need to pay to hire a testimonial videographer. Cost is dependent on many factors, among them: • The level of experience and expertise of your testimonial video producer. • The length and complexity of the concept, script, and/or storyboard. • The graphics you want added and the editing your video requires. • Actors or presenters if you need professionals. • Equipment costs – video and audio – as well as any additional equipment required for professional lighting and framing. • Location or studio shooting. • Set, props, equipment, and extras. • Professional narration or voice-over to tell your story or to tie the video together. • Length of the video; the longer the video the more it is likely to cost. For most professionally produced testimonial videos, you should consider between $2,000 to $5,000 as a starting point. Some testimonial videographers charge a large amount of money, but quality is not always tied to price.

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An example project

1 -2 Min Testimonial Video

An affordable testimonial video is usually about 1- to 2-minutes and will include one or two interviewees and some b-roll (typically their story as it relates to the subject or product). Be sure to talk about how many people you would like to have interviewed and in what locations. Be sure to ask what the rate would be if you require the videographer to travel far. Be sure to specify if you want any graphics included in the video and what the purpose of the testimonial is - to inform, sell, etc. to help give the videographer and editor a better sense of the tone of the video. Engage actively in pre-production (planning before the shoot) and talk about what you would like to see and add appropriate examples where possible. Remember, the more info given, the better.

Suggested Price: $800

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