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Photography and Videography · Los Angeles United States

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Terrisha Kearse is what happens when tunnel vision goes right. A natural writer with an innate interest in detecting the truth, Kearse found her abilities lent themselves well to her directorial work. In 2010, Kearse directed and co-wrote her first feature film entitled 10-20 (pronounced &quot;10 to 20&quot;), which won the HBO Best Feature Film Award at the 2010 Martha Vineyard's African American Film Festival (MVAAFF). The work was inspired by true life events from Kearse's past. Terrisha's passion for directing goes hand in hand with her photography. She travels the world capturing amazing moments that tell a story. &quot;Capturing the essence of a moment that will live forever is what I'm in constant search of. I want someone to look at an image I've photographed and see a story. See the history in the place or the life of the person. To go beyond the photograph&quot; A constant student of life, Kearse is still discovering new truths and ever-evolving her method of storytelling.

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