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Temel Yasar

Videography · Rhinelander United States

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Temel Yasar had his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Signal Processing from one of the most prestigious university in the Europe, Middle East Technical University. He has completed his PhD studies at University of Illinois at Chicago in Mechanical Engineering Department while collaborating with BioEngineering Department on creating state of the art imaging methodologies with Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems. He continued his MRI endeavor in a clinical environment in Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City. ​ Temel Yasar worked on creating educational videos for his students, colleagues and other scientists in the world using various motion graphics mediums ranging from basic programming languages to advanced graphic design software. ​ As he seizes the opportunity to dedicate his graphic design passion into fulltime profession, he founded the Spherical Chicken Studios LLC on 2016. ​ He harnesses his scientific discipline, knowledge and perseption to take the next step in motion graphics to make it accessible to a broader range of clients.

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