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Steven P Reed

Photography and Videography · Covington Louisiana United States

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Small Business Marketing Videos

The importance of marketing a small business is not lost on small business owners. They know how crucial marketing their business is because they do it personally every day, through interaction with their customers, and also in their communities. They understand that having an online media presence and managing their public image is necessary to separate themselves from their competition and grow their business. What makes a business profile video so efficient and effective is that it does both. It helps to maintain a perpetual online presence and allows potential customers to peek inside and see just what makes the business special and unique in the words of the business owner. That's why I focus on the story behind the business when producing marketing videos. When potential customers can identify with how and why a business operates, they can distinguish it from the rest of the field and feel good about supporting the operation. Business owners know it's important to try and put their best foot forward when making a video profile to market their business. They also know that with the right producer, they can do it. The key to a successful business profile video is authenticity. I have spent the last ten years developing my approach to achieve it. I pride myself on my ability to help make my clients comfortable in front of the camera, so they can give their best performances and get the best, most natural, and authentic results.

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NOFHA Clinic Serves the Uninsured

NOFHA Clinic Serves the Uninsured