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Smoked Salmon

Photography and Videography · 倫敦, 英格蘭 United Kingdom

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Steve Huang is a 28 year old freelance photographer/film maker from Taiwan. He was in engineering field during college and graduate school, but he always had an interest towards photography and film. After graduated from school, Steve had a gap year before attending the one year military service in Taiwan, and thats when he picked up dads DSLR. During that year, he stayed in New York for 6 months and traveled to UK, Iceland, Korea…. Since Steve started to take photos, the relationship between himself and the world become so different. Steve have always been an introvert, but started to fell in love in talking to different people he met everyday and listen to their stories of life. The emotions and vibes in the surroundings become crystal clear. After Steve left New York, he had a chance to make a film for coffee factory. This is also the first time he found out how it is like to not only emerge myself in working but also enjoying it. After this, he got to work with several other restaurants, bookstore, artists and brand – Eminent, with short films, photos and commercials. Steve have finished the military service last month and now he would be able to travel to wherever he like. His goal of life is not about name or fame, it’s about making a living, creating a life that can make him continue to grow and change the world.

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