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Photography · Trenton New Jersey United States

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My name is Stephen Krawiec and I'm a self taught photographer and artist who furthered my knowledge by attending the New York Institute of Photography, currently based in New Jersey. My work is a reflection of my passions for adventure, photography, and storytelling and is layered by outdoor, travel, lifestyle, and surf subjects. My work is energized by landscapes and showing the contrast between human and nature. Through my work I look to capture the moments in between, adventure seeking and the lifestyle that follows. I pride myself and my work through my natural light work capabilities, emerging my viewers into the moment as if they are there for themselves.  Constantly searching out new adventures and pushing the limits of not only myself but my work as well. Searching for wild, remote destinations to show the contrast between human and nature is my driving force. Paying homage to these places in hopes to inspire others to get out and explore. I look to work with each client to tell powerful stories, capture their brand in the most intriguing way possible, all while creating powerful images and work that captures their true identity that not only reflects the brand but their clientele as well.  At the end of the day I'm just like you following my passion for adventure and seeking out new horizons everyday. I find passion and inspiration in like minded individuals and brands as well as the world around me. I believe it's important to dream big as anything in life is possible. As we all know life is about love, happiness, and the pursuit of adventure. 

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