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Stephen Silverberg

Photography · Ypsilanti United States

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I started shooting in 35mm black and white in New York City in the 1960s, after moving back to the city of my birth from Los Angeles, where I had my first experiences with photography and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Living in the East Village in a 5th floor walk up, I developed and printed everything on a wooden board on top of the stove. It was an immensely exciting time at the height of flower power in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Later, while temporarily living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I was a part of building a retail photo business when I was recruited to go on the road as a Mamiya/Bronica medium format rep. It was a blessing to be the recipient of more great equipment than I had ever possessed before. Using those samples enabled me to be a better and more skilled photographer. (I also learned that if you bake a large potato, fill it with cheese, wrap it in foil and stash it inside an old oven mitt, a hot lunch was available hours later in a 50,000 miles per year sales environment). Then life got in the way of my dreams.. it'll do that. Following the death of my wife of 27 years, I am back in photography. I dedicate this endeavor to her love and support. I'm developing a definite, still evolving style. No &quot;Pete or Patricia President Points To a Map&quot;. I love that moment where time stands still and an image evokes an emotion. It's fun when a photo makes someone say &quot;I wish I were there&quot; or &quot;I want one of those&quot;. I want viewers who see a portrait to feel they know something about the subject. Editing these photos is a surprisingly intimate process; I am always taken by a look, a laugh, a head tilt that says, &quot;Yes, this is me!&quot;

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