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Sports Photography - The Basics

Sports photography seeks to capture the drama and action of all types of sports. In a sense sport photography has photojournalistic values, but with a sport bend. Most high quality sport photographers are versed in shooting live events and employ a large amount of equipment and techniques to cover both live action sports meets and the events that surround them.

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Tips for Sports Photography


Find Your Style

In sports photography, familiarity with the sport and with the venue can be very important. When shooting a meet or game, it's helpful if your sport photographer is familiar with what to expect and where to position him or herself to best capture the action and highlights. If you're looking for staged single, group or team shots, let your photographer know - staged shots can often be enhanced with lighting gear.


Decide On Deliverables

Be sure to consult with your sports photographer on what your goals are for the shoot and what you intend to do with the images. You should also consider what your turnaround time ideally looks like. With this info the photographer can send you a proposal on what they can achieve and for what price. Make sure you review the proposal and ask any questions to make the contract as clear as possible prior to the shoot.


Find a Match

Begin by looking at various photographer's work and see what appeals to you. Do you want higher quality snapshots with natural light or are you looking for a professional stop-motion style? Set expectation with your photographer before the game or meet.


After The Shoot

Most sports pictures will be delivered digitally - be sure to let your photographer know (before the shoot) any image size requirements and what you plan to use the photos for.

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How much does Sports Photography cost?

Sports photography can be priced by the hour and by the event. In all cases, it is important to make sure that thorough research is done before hiring a sports photographer. Important things to consider when looking at Sports photography pricing is the duration of coverage, the deliverables (prints or digital files) and any additional technical expertise as you'll want the photographers to always bring their "A-game" to your shoot. Hourly pricing starts around $75 -100 per hour and many sport photographers have pre-defined package or per event pricing.

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An example project

2 hour sport event coverage and photos needed

Hire a professional sports photographer for a 2 hour block to cover your sporting event. Cost will usually include their time, light retouching and digitally delivered images. Be sure to let them know if there is a specific story or player followed or if it is a general live sport shoot. Be sure to request some options for delivery and be amenable to packages.

Suggested Price: $300

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