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Something new Someplace new

Photography · Auckland New Zealand

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I started a Facebook page 1st of June 2015 called Something new Someplace new. The reason behind the page? Well many… but one of the most important one was sharing the vegetarian food I was having at all the amazing places in Auckland and other cities. As a converted vegetarian I never used to look for specific vegetarian cafes or restaurants and always ate where my friends did. I was always sure to find some vegetarian options in the “sides” section of the menu and if that was not there, fries was the next option.Over the past 4 to 5 years, this has changed dramatically. Now you see a few mouth-watering vegetarian options on the menu in Auckland and people have started embracing the food of “vegetarians” . We are no more an outcast that we used to be before! This blog is to share my journey through the various places I eat highlighting the vegetarian options there. But for the ones who need more to survive on, don’t worry I will have some “meaty” options for you too! Something new Someplace new is literally as what it says so if my blog teases your taste buds, make sure you try it out!

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