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Small Business Marketing Videos - The Basics

Small businesses usually specialize in a particular product or service and need a custom video highlighting their unique business activity and story in order to promote and create more awareness with their target audience. With video on the Internet (YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world), small businesses everywhere can tell their story in a unique and compelling way. For a fraction of the cost of print advertising, virtually any business, anywhere, can reach new and current customers. The ability to stream video on the Internet combined with talented videographer's access to low-cost video cameras and powerful editing software on a Mac empowers businesses everywhere to leverage the power of television-type advertising. The most successful Small Business Marketing Videos often informally connect customers with the business owner, allowing the business owner to tell his or her unique story. Presenting a soft-spoken invitation through video accomplishes positive sales outcomes indirectly, by creating a personal relationship which moments before, did not exist. How does this respectful, unforced method work? The beauty and effectiveness of Small Business Marketing Videos lies in their simplicity and authenticity. IN a typical Small Business Marketing video, the business owner (or principal employee) answers questions, interview style. The questions are designed to help the speaker convey the key points they want potential customers to know about their business; what they make, which services they excel at performing, and what they uniquely have to offer. A skilled camera person helps business owners relax in front of the camera and ease into normalcy, diffusing fears of performance and self consciousness. Because filming is structured as an interview, the business owner is encouraged to speak only as themselves rather than as a brand representative. Once people begin to focus on what they know and talk about it, just as he/she would to a customer in person, “performance” is forgotten and their personality naturally delivers the message.

by Monty Hunter
Vanessa Martinez

Tips for Small Business Marketing Videography


Find Your Style

There are many different approaches to shooting a Small Business Marketing Video. The main thing to consider is what your audience needs to know and what you would like to show. Most videographers will do some pre-production planning. This is typically a 30 minute call or meeting where they will talk about what you need. For the small business marketing video, be prepared to answer questions like: Would you like more than one video? What is the turnaround time? Is this a voice over video (no one appears on screen) or an interview where some talks about the business onscreen? Do you want to have customers appear in the video to give a testimonial? Do you want motion graphics? Do you have multiple locations? Do you want a complete edit? Or just the raw footage? Do you want specific music? What is your budget? It’s often helpful to do some research and find an example online with a look and feel that is appealing to you.


Decide On Deliverables

A typical small business marketing video is around 1- to 2-minutes in length and will be delivered to you electronically via a file sharing site (like DropBox). You can upload your video to a video streaming platform like Vimeo or Youtube and then use those sites to view your video and to embed/play the video on your own site. Most videographers will charge an additional fee to deliver all the raw footage from the shoot.



Most small business videos can be shot in a few hours and the editing can be accomplished relatively quickly. The main time constraint when shooting a small business video is the business owner (who may be apprehensive about appearing on camera or feel unprepared) and scheduling a time to shoot footage of the business in action (strongly recommended) when the business is busy, but not slammed.


After the Shoot

Much of a video’s success relies on what gets done in the editing bay after the shoot. Most projects will give you multiple edits or drafts (typically two) of the video so you can have a say in the cut. Keep in mind that more edits, or a partial reshoot can be requested, but at an additional cost. It's always best to convey as many of your edits as possible at once so your editor can help you create a cohesive story.

by SmartShoot

How much do Small Business Marketing Videos cost?

The price of a small business marketing video depends primarily on the business, locations and the desired length of the video. Keep in mind that the cost of the video is not only in what it take to be shot (actors, teleprompter locations, lighting, crew, transportation), but just as much cost can go into post production services as well (editing, music, motion graphics, color grading, voice over, rush fees, 3rd party footage,). Preparing a pre-production plan so that the videographer has a sense of what the scope of the project is very helpful when shooting a small business video.

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An example project

1 Minute Small Business Video

A 1-minute small business video can usually be shot in a few hours with a rough cut delivered a few days after the shoot. The owner of the business is often the best spokesperson for the business and by focusing on 3-4 main talking points can effectively convey the main benefits of the business without a tremendous amount of preparation. B-roll footage of the business is a great way to "show" rather than "tell" the story of the business.

Suggested Price: $700

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