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Sky Blue Photography / Ocean Blue Videography

Photography and Videography · Campbell California United States

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Born in Hyderabad, India, I came to California to study and work as an engineer. In my leisure time, my dormant passion for cinema began to blossom over hundreds of movie rentals from Netflix. The storytelling mastery and imagery of Michelangelo Antonioni, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Akira Kurosawa left me enthralled. This began a pursuit to seek out like minded souls to accompany me on my journey in to the world of film making. That search eventually led me to my sweetheart and wife. Van is an award winning filmmaker for weddings, corporate and independent films. A few years ago, Van recruited me as a trainee assistant. Through my work as a cinematographer at weddings, I began to understand the elements of visual storytelling... light, composition & emotion. My journey has now come full circle and transformed me from a captivated film enthusiast to a visual storyteller. I am truly excited that you are taking time to browse through my work. Let us connect and capture your story!

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