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Siul Martinez

Photography · Los Angeles California United States

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Born in the tropical island of Puerto Rico, Siul Martinez was raised on a mix of cultural differences that quickly impacted him. Throughout his life, he has experienced and excelled in a wide variety of tasks, which supports his talent as a professional photographer. As a 21-year old he worked for the Spanish telecommunications company Movistar and was quickly promoted to manager of one of their stores. The years he spent in this position provided great interpersonal communication skills and a clear understanding of people's personalities. His admiration for those who serve their country, combined with his natural curiosity, led him to enroll in the United States Coast Guard where he served as an active duty member and where he still serves as part of the USCG reserve. Once again, his natural leadership, communication and team work skills played a big role in his progress while serving his country as a proud member of the United States military system. During this time, through a friend who worked in the fashion industry as a model, he was exposed even more to what he considered to be one of his hobbies and what eventually would be his greater passion. Photography. Becoming increasingly attracted by fashion photography, Siul was presented to famed Puerto Rican fashion photographer Luis Velez, who saw his potential and offered him to work as his assistant. This exciting and fascinating experience led Siul to pack his belongings and buy a one-way air ticket to California to attend and graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography. His dedication and talent quickly made him the winner of Brooks most important awards, the Lower Division Student Award and the Graduate Special Recognition Award. During his new but fast paced successful years in the industry of photography, his impressive talent has taken him to work for sport magazine spreads, fashion editorials, fashion designers, tv personalities, stylists, make up artists, beauty queens, models, among others. This comes as no surprise as his natural skills and the ones he got from life and work experiences, his personality and dedication provide a great recipe for success.

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