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Shiva Sharifi

Photography · San Francisco California United States

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Shiva Sharifi is a female photographer with years of experience in various styles of photography since 2001. Shiva is based in California and has enjoyed traveling around the Southwest and Western coastal United States composing various images of this beautiful countryside, landmarks, events and people. She specializes in pinup, boudoir and couture fashions, but also loves portraits, weddings, nature photography and photojournalism. Shiva is capable of providing a diverse range of images to fit most any client's needs. Please contact her at the email provided below if you are interested in booking her for your projects and to arrange further details. From the artist: &quot;I am always determined about creating excellent imagery. My photography is of a particular style that I have cultivated and developed over many years. I do not feel that I function or create work like many photographers and intend to keep things this way. I do not like to rush the process of capturing great photos. I do like to make people feel at ease and do not push people to be something they are not. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and I look forward to future collaborations with you.&quot; ~ Shiva

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