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Sheldon Steere Photography

Photography and Videography · Oakland California United States

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Food Photography

I am a professional food photographer. I have been hired by multiple restaurants and pop-up caterers to come in and take photographs of their offerings. I have a professional lighting kit that I bring with me to ensure that the food looks beautiful and appetizing.

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Charcuterie Cornish Game Hen Sugar Skulls Pears Cornucopia 2 Stella Artois Fries Strawberries Salad
Cutting the Ham Dragon Soup Lamprey Pie Chocolate Donut Cornucopia 3 Tostitos Steak in a Bread Bowl Cheese plate Photo 25 by Sheldon Steere Photography for Food Photography
Swan Dessert Honey and Strawberries Dinner & Chef Cornucopia 1 Pasta Cupcakes Stringy Honey Cole slaw Photo 26 by Sheldon Steere Photography for Food Photography


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