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Shawn Daly

Photography · Los Angeles California United States

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Shawn Daly’s passion for photography began in the late 90’s when he purchased his first camera and began exploring the world of photography. Then, as an amateur, he always found a way to capture each image effortlessly and naturally. Shawn’s love for art, keen eye for detail and diverse knowledge of composition and lighting has led him to where he is today. Along with his extensive knowledge of photography, his ability to make his clients feel at ease in front of the camera is one of his many gifts. His work reflects his enthusiasm and desire for capturing life’s greatest moments. Shawn was born in Butte, Montana and raised in the Central Valley of California. While living in Montana, he discovered his love for nature photography. The big sky country, lush landscape, and wildlife have been his canvas as an amateur. However, it was not until after college that he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his professional career as an Information Technology Manager at a large multi-national construction firm in downtown Los Angeles. Today, you can find Shawn carrying his camera with him because he believes that beauty is everywhere. His expertise includes portrait, event, architectural and nature photography.

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