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Scott Yates

Photography and Videography · Phoenix Arizona United States

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Hello and welcome!<br / ><br /> As a prior Director of Marketing and Creative Director I've walked in my clients shoes. Now more than ever it's vital to have a media library stuffed full of photography and video segments. One of the reasons I moved to being a full time media creator was to bring a level professionalism and intuitive creativity to individuals and brands. I think you'll agree. Scroll to the bottom of this page and experience my portfolios.<br / ><br /> <strong>Media Expertise</strong><br / > - Corp & Storytelling Video -<br / > - Food & Product Photography -<br / > - Head Shot & Personality Photography -<br / > - Adventure Media -<br / > <br / ><br /> Nearly everything I do on a daily basis is a creative encounter. My clients, associates and friends are my most profound inspiration. It is these opportunities plus 30 years of experience that allow me to thrive and deliver unique, powerful productive media and business strategies.<br / ><br /> I want to leave you with a very important notion - It's all about the Audience. I believe it is crucial that the media creator understands who the audience will be for the photography and video deliverables. If there is a campaign, what is the direction of the campaign. If I know a little about these things the media can really sparkle. You the client will be ecstatic and your communication that much clearer.<br / ><br /> Warmest Regards,<br / > Scott Yates<br />