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Photography · Los Angeles United States

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Shannon McGuire, the eye behind the lens of s2tphotography, comes from a life long passion for photography and a technical film school back ground, bringing to the table a great knack for lighting and framing while having the artistic edge to capture candid moments and create stunning visual concepts. She passionately demonstrates an excellence in being able to capture moments that, often, even the subject of the shoot didn't know existed. Discovering the ability to bring a high level of satisfaction and a smile to the face of the client when reviewing the shots from the day is noted to be one of the most gratifying things in her professional life. Shannon took her film school experience studying live broadcasting, camera work, and editing and drew from that knowledge to heighten the professionalism and enhance the look of her photography. It is equally because of this and her comfortable, confident, and personable way of interacting with clients and subjects that, since its establishment in 2008, s2tphotography has a great client base of individuals and families, artists, and brands who keep coming back for more.

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