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Ryan Ball

Photography and Videography · San Diego California United States

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Since I was the young age of 12 years old, or perhaps even younger, I have had a huge interest in the visual arts. My first memorable encounter of this wonderful medium was Star Wars. Like most filmmakers, I was fascinated by the special effects, the immersive world, and the amazing stories. I wanted to tell that story. My start to crafting stories was stop motion animation. My father was messing with me and my two siblings one day. He would have us sit on the couch with his camcorder on us and he would randomly tell us to change position. "Go there. Now there. Now hide." When he was done he had us come look at the footage, and what we saw was mind blowing. We would be teleporting positions on the couch every couple of seconds. It was seemingly impossible! My father explained the process of stop motion to us and I was HOOKED. From that day me and my brother were making animations with LEGOs day in and day out. It was the most fun I had in my life it seemed. Until it got incredibly boring. As a young impatient kid, taking thousands of photos to make it move didn't seem like an efficient way to tell stories. So we figured, "what if we just film us do stuff"? So we did. We made action movies, comedies, tragedies, and weird infomercials about eggs... I could not stop making films. I could not stop the itch of wanting to get better. I practiced as much as I could. Practiced editing, camera angles, lighting, directing, writing, the whole she-bang. As I got older I learned how to hone in these skills to get closer to mastering the craft of visual media. Now I am pushing it forward once again. Still fighting to get better and to become fluent in every aspect of visual media. I love this world. I love telling stories. I love making Visual Rhythm. “Never Submit to Reality” — RYAN BALL

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