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Nik Rodrigues

Photography and Videography · United Kingdom

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Hi, my name is Nik Rodrigues and I'm a Photographer and a Cinematographer based in Kent, United Kingdom, although my work takes me far and wide. My portfolio images shown on my site give you a small selection of my work to look through. After working in IT for a number of years and starting off at an early age with a small camera like many people do, I realized the joy of creating images and transformation power of telling stories through pictures and wanted to share these experiences with others through the world of photography. This became a pivotal point in my life where I realized I could change people’s perceptions and open their eyes to a world they have never felt before. I provide fun, irreverent, quirky and beautifully photographed stories that celebrate strong emotional connections. I pride myself on having a natural eye for the perfect shot and as your photographer, I like to say that I’ll take the best photographs of you that have ever been taken, unless of course if you hire me for a different event occurring someday in the future. In that case, those photographs will be the best! I have shot at a wide variety of locations and every venue I go to have all provided their individual challenges; whether it was tourists amongst the crowd to the ever-changing weather or strict rules on photography inside certain restricted places. All of these experiences have provided me the knowledge and confidence that will allow me to overcome any challenge I may face with you. I am based in Kent but I am more than happy to travel to wherever you need me to be. Whatever your photographic requirements, whether for your business, an event, or for your family, please get in touch. Thank you Nik Rodrigues

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