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Photography · Santa Ana California United States

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Fueled by kindness, confidence, and creativity... A cleverly unique story telling photographer, an upcoming leader in portrait and event photography. Always encapsulating a story with awareness of environment and thinking about how to capture a scene in a magazine style composition... Beauty unfolds naturally and my job is to provoke it, capture it, and guarantee it. Before any shoot, assessing client visions is key in determining and delivering expected results. Communicating clearly, listening, and being compatible with all ages and personalities guarantees that clients’ photographic needs are fulfilled with a delightful documented experience. Working on a contractual basis and consistently meeting new clients, allows me to pursue reward and purpose by creating adventure with a gift of photographic memories for clients to admire for a lifetime. Seeking out real moments, as opposed to &quot;posed moments&quot; is my super hero power. Although, I honor traditional poses, my specialty is having the edge to blend into the crowd, capturing the essence of truth, and creating valuable experiences by documenting life's moments through the lens.I strive to do my best and always seek to level up my skills. Naturally radiating powerful energy, magnetizing positive message to subjects, including everyone, invoking perpetual smiles, manipulating perspectives, light, and angles, “I transform my camera into a historical window of stories that display accuracy as art.&quot;

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