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Richard Waine Photography

Photography · Lancaster Pennsylvania United States

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I was raised in a suburb of Queens, NY, at a time when shag carpeting was still popular. My folks were high school teachers. Aside from showering my brother and I with love and hammering us with discipline and motivation for good grades, they also passed on to us an appreciation for sports and athletics. My brother, Steven, outranks me by 3 years, and was the first member of the family to try his hand at lacrosse. I followed suit, and took my love for lacrosse to college, where I played at the University at Albany, at the division II level. After my college lacrosse career ended abruptly, suffering substantial knee injuries, I transferred to Hofstra University and re-focused my energy on my academics. I received my degree in business and was quickly whisked away into corporate culture. I have spent the majority of my professional career working in finance, analyzing and trading bonds on Wall Street, and analyzing the balance sheets of publicly traded banks. The missing piece to my entire career had always been an outlet to create. I had the opportunity to attend high school wrestling matches at that time. I knew nothing about the sport, but it looked really cool! I grabbed a camera, and captured these fierce competitors maneuvering themselves in acrobatic ways in an attempt to score points and/or pin their opponents. It was at this moment that I made a life changing decision. If I wanted to be a good photographer, I would need to devote myself to the craft. In the beginning, I was photographing action sports, wildlife, and shortly after I took up landscape photography. During these photographic gymnastics, I found a YouTube video where famed headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, was speaking. Viewing this video was a turning point in my photography career. It changed my outlook on photography, gave me new direction and new aspirations. I wanted to capture people in expressive moments. I figured, hey…I have “shtick” too. Let’s fire up the “shtick”, and get this train rollin’! Today, Peter is a close friend and mentor, and I am a commercial headshot and portrait photographer based in Central Pennsylvania. I am an associate photographer and Mentor in Peter's Headshot Crew, and I reside in Lancaster County with my family and our amazing dog, Harley. I have been a headshot judge for the International Model and Talent Association, am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I am also a brand ambassador for Phase One.

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