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Richard Fleming

Photography and Videography · Longmont Colorado United States

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As a media expert and storyteller, I advise businesses on how to produce effective, inductive learning media with an emotional intelligence focus. In addition to studying the impact media has on the human brain, I also create award-winning, custom video content that actually changes viewer behavior and improves learning retention. 65% of training is forgotten within a week. By contrast, structured video content is 83% more effective in learning engagement and recall. Most notably, my approach activates the emotional processing parts of the brain, translating your training and marketing words into a visual language that is immediately, intuitively, and globally understood. And it does so on a subconscious level. Regardless of education, occupational rank, and cultural history, our brains respond naturally and socially to media. As a result, marketers and educators can get back to the roots of how human beings transfer and retain knowledge: through narrative, visual storytelling. My background as a marketer with the biggest names in the world (Microsoft, XBOX, ConocoPhillips, Comcast, the NFL, Wilson Learning, Hershey's, Best Buy, and more), along with my in-depth knowledge of the neuroscience of media and filmmaking, I can help your organization generate a media experience that inspires your team, your customers, and your audience - in a way that dramatically improves the quality of their lives.

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