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Brainstorm Creative Inc.

· Los Angeles California United States

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Shooting on everything from Imax and 35mm to Red and 5D’s, we have worked in over 40 countries, creating brand films, TV commercials, feature film, web-video, documentaries, aerial footage, animation, product videos and testimonials. We have been held-up at gunpoint by rebels in the Yucatan, charged by elephants in Africa and suffered altitude sickness in the Himalayas. We have worked in the urban canyons of the worlds great cities, on glaciers, down mines and atop rain-forest canopies. We have filmed in deserts, jungles, underwater and under-cover. We have flown hundreds of hours of aerials, been dropped by helicopter into the aftermath of natural disasters, tossed like corks on the stormy seas of the South Pacific and shivered at 30 below in the Arctic circle – all in the pursuit of the compelling stories we tell for our clients across the globe. We’ve been helping companies develop stories around their brands for over twenty years. We have launched spaceships, computer chips, airlines and hotels. We have given audiences goose-bumps, filled them with laughter and brought them to the edge of tears. We know how to tell stories that make you, your brand, your products, your customers and your employees look great, and we’ll send your audience home whistling your tune. Yes, that’s why our logo is a lightbulb.

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