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What is Real Estate Videography?

Real estate videography is video designed to meet a specific real estate need. There are five major types of real estate videography:

1. Community/Market-Based Videos

Those looking for a home watch online videos to learn about the community in which they are considering buying a home. Statistics show that 86% of house hunters watch these videos. This type of video is especially useful in an area with limited real estate competition.

2. Listing Videos

This type of real estate videography is a 1-to-3 minute video designed to sell property. Real estate professionals have realized, just as other business professionals have, that nothing sells quite as effectively as video. 70% of those looking for a new home watch video home tours online.

3. Informative or "How-to" Videos

Those looking for a home also need information about the steps involved in a home purchase. As many as 54% of homeowners watch videos to gather information about the buying and selling process. Providing this service with your name or that of your real estate company can generate clients for buying and selling your listed properties.

4. Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video can set you apart from your peers. 30% of those seeking a home watch video testimonials about the agent or company with whom they are working. This type of videography can set you apart from competitors in a large market.

5. "About Me" or "About Us" Videos

This type of real estate videography provides a profile about an agent or real estate company. Potential clients view these videos, as well as recommend them to their friends – about 25% of homebuyers.

A professionally produced real estate video should include:

  • A real estate title slide with a descriptive title that communicates essential information about the featured property, the agent, or the company for potential clients and entices them to watch the video.
  • A video style appropriate to the topic or property, conveying the desired personality and impression of the home.
  • Your company information including your logo and contact information displayed prominently and long enough for viewers to read.
  • A compelling cover image – a strong exterior shot or an image that highlights the property’s best quality, a picture of your office, or of you. As a thumbnail, the cover image will appear on the video’s player page and as the featured image if you share your video on Facebook.
  • Captions that convey useful information like square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms for a home, the location of your office, or useful real estate terminology.
  • Descriptive text to highlight specific selling points or point out details in captioned photos.
  • Background music – preferably instrumental – that fits the property or other topic and your potential client.
  • A CTA (call-to-action) button at the end of the video that also appears whenever the video is paused that links to your listing or company homepage.
  • Once you have a professional video, you need to make sure it reaches the right people. Explore the many sharing options. A professional videographer can help you with this.

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Tips for Real Estate Videography



Ask the videographer if they will provide props or if they would like you to do so. Fresh flowers or houseplants, towels, lighted candles, and a bowl of fresh fruit can add ambiance to your home or other location.


Budget accordingly

Try to contract for 2 rounds of revisions, the first including up to 10 changes and the second, up to five. Pay 50% up front and the remainder when you have approved revisions.


Stay caught-up

Once your and your videographer have set a schedule, stick to it.


Tidy spaces

Make sure your home or office is free of clutter before the shooting. Every room should appear as clean and organized as possible.


Get your family ready

Be prepared the day of the video with pets and children out of the way, phones turned off, and any other requested needs specified by your videographer.

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How much do Real Estate Videos cost?

There are a number of different types of videography available and the cost depends on what you want as well as the availability of professional production companies in your area. A standard walk-though listing video with five rooms, and front and back yard should run between $200 and $300. This includes editing, open and closing, titles, and custom music. Some videographers also charge for mileage. For high-end properties in competitive areas, some videographers charge $1.00 per $1000 of the list price. For example, a $700,000 property would run $700.

Some real estate professionals will hire a videographer for a personal biography. Filmed most often in the agent’s home or office, these videos run around $200, unless additional locations – possibly featured properties or testimonials – are included in the filming. The cost for a “How-To” video runs about the same.

How to Find a Great Real Estate Videographer

Begin by asking for referrals from brokers, agents, or anyone else you know who has used a real estate videographer. You can also view videos produced locally and, when you find some you like, call the agents or brokers connected with the video and ask who did the production.

Once you think you have found the videographer you want, ask for a detailed proposal listing everything that will be included, with a timeline for completion View at least three videos they have produced and decide if their technique creates the impression you wish to make on your viewers. Then ask for references from those for whom the videos were produced to make sure the videos are authentic and not the work of someone else.

Ask how long it will take your videographer to deliver your video and get a time line of the process. Ask for proof they are bonded and carry insurance – the sign of a professional. Going into someone’s home or property carries the potential for damage and you do not want to be financially responsible for accidents.

You also should ask if the videographer has invested in a reliable and supported video platform. Make sure your videos will be compatible with all mobile devices – if so, this is another sign that your videographer is a professional. Some real estate companies are reporting that up to 1/3 of their traffic comes from mobile devices. Also, ask about the availability of tour links within ads, on yard signs, and other sales venues.

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2 minute Real Estate Video

An affordable real estate video option is a simple walkthrough of the property and its various amenities. The videogapher shoots each room (primarily the visually appealing rooms) and then adds background music and a voice track (done either by the agent or a professional voice over artist reading a script). A more elaborate and compelling real estate video can be created by featuring the owner on camera to help viewers get a better sense for the experience of living in the property.

Suggested Price: $800

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