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Ramon Campoamor

Photography · Los Angeles United States

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Art has always been a passion of mine. Learning to create with a number of different mediums ranging from painting, sketching, and even welding. During high school I took a photography class. My mom let me use her SLR Minolta camera. Developing film in the darkroom was a process I quickly fell in love with. That class marked the end of my time using point and shoot cameras, and began my journey toward learning more about the art of photography. Getting up early in the morning to catch a sunrise, or hiking to take in an amazing view is both an adventure, and a reward when shooting landscapes. Photographing people is a different but equally rewarding experience. I get the opportunity to meet new people who allow me to take snap shots of the moments that they will remember, and share. Telling their story with photos. In the digital age during a time of countless cellphone pictures allow me to capture the moments most important to you.

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