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Foresthill, California

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Joshua Reafsnyder @VidPro.Biz
Joshua Reafsnyder @VidPro.Biz - Colfax,

Passionate about cinematography, videographer Joshua Reafsnyder, started Reafsnyder Video Productions in 2013. Beginning in 2016 the new VidPro.Biz site was launched with a new emphasis on media creat ...

An example project

2-3 minute Product Demo video

Product Demonstration videos are a great way to introduce consumers to a new product or service. There are many approaches to creating a product video, and many talented videographers and production companies that specialize in product demo videos. Let your videographer know who the target audience is, what problem the product/service solves, what assets they will be able to use during the shoot (product, engineers, users, product manager, customers, etc.) and be sure to share any example of product demo vidoes with a style similar to what you want to achieve.

Suggested Price: $2000

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Nick Nessa

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