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People Photography - The Basics

People photographers need to love working with people. For them nature is filled with beauty, but people have more than just beauty they have creativity and personality as well! That creativity and personality make every photo shoot a new adventure. From capturing the joy and innocence that comes in the smile of a child enjoying the freedom of just being himself to the love and sincerity in the eyes of a couple who have been together for years or those who are still discovering the depth of love they share. Capturing these moments is one of the reasons people photographers fall in love with photography as an expression of art. This particular genre may seem broad, but it boils down to telling a story. The story of you! Each image is a glimpse into the window of your life filled with all the emotion of everything from your big day to the seemingly day-to-day. A good people photographer makes his or her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera and strives to capture the essence of their personality.

by Alicia Zinn
Chrissy Lynn

Tips for People Photography


Find Your Style

When looking for a great people photographer, look for someone with a personality that connects with you. Look at portfolios and examples and a style that you like and then speak with potential people photographers to see if they click with you or if you think they'll connect with the subjects. Let your photographer know if what your concerns are for the shoot and what your goals are with the photos.


Decide On Deliverables

Define with your photographer how many finished images you need and what kind of post-production (touch up) work you're expecting, from simple blemish removal to fixing those few crazy hairs that get out of place.


Have Fun!

People photography is about capturing personality and emotion more than it's about capturing a place so choose a photographer who helps you or the subject feel comfortable and relaxed. There's an old saying that the camera adds pounds and takes away 90% of your personality, so choose a photography who gels with you.


After The Shoot

Most people pictures will be delivered digitally. If you use SmartShoot, you can use the image preview room to select your favorites. These are often touched up in post-production (where the photographer corrects lighting, color grades or removes blemishes, etc from the image).

by SmartShoot

How much does People Photography cost?

People photographers take into account many factors when deciding on how much to charge. One of those deciding points is the time and money they have invested to improve by staying up-to-date with new software and photography techniques. The local market also plays a part in how much theses projects are valued. Most same tiered local photographers offer competitive rates. Time is also a factor when pricing people photography shoots. How many hours are really going into this shoot? For every hour of pictures there is at least one to two hours in post-production depending on the shoot and what level of post is required. For example, a mini Session of 60 minutes of a one-year old with only lighting adjustments in the post production should only take an hour or two of time. A session like this would typically cost a couple hundred dollars. However, a one hour headshot session with a model who is updating their portfolio and that will take another hour or two of touch ups and Photoshop. The cost of something would run closer to $300. Many people photographers offer packaged rates per session to help simplify pricing.

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An example project

10-20 people photos needed

An affordable people photography shoot will include 10 - 20 retouched images. Be sure to request some options for delivery and be amenable to packages. Discuss if a studio, or home shoot is preferred or possible and what props or outfits you should bring and what the photographer can provide.

Suggested Price: $400

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