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Photography and Videography · Orlando United States

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I have been taking pictures since the age of 3. When I was a toddler my dad would travel all over the world on business. To compensate for his absence, he would send home gifts for my mother and I. I would receive toys and my mother would receive dresses and jewelry. My mother was always eager to send my dad pictures of how she looked in her dresses. With no tripod or other person to capture her new looks, she put her kodak 110 camera in my hand. She showed me how to look through the hole and put the subject in the center of the view. She also made sure I never cut her head off in the photos. So I owe the start of photography career, at the tender age of 3, to my dear mother(Thanks MOM). I have a passion for capturing the best and most meaningful moments in life. I love to see people happy, sharing great moments. My purpose is to provide the opportunity to live those moments again through well composed, exposed, and timed photographs. I believe that I am a talented photographer. I catch the beautiful moments which has a profound effect on the clients and their families. My life has been made richer by helping people in this way. I feel that my profession is necessary for all occasions in which love is being shared.

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