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Photography · Bridgeport United States

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As you know If you run a restaurant, bar or café you know how important your menu is. It is the first introduction to your food that a customer gets and having great pictures can make a world of difference. In this multicultural place that we live in, in a city full of tourists and international business travelers not all of whom speak great English, how do you attract them into your food establishment with ease? Everyone can understand a photograph; the phrase “people eat with their eyes” has never been so relevant. Most people like to see a photo of their food before they order so they know exactly what they are getting, and for those from a different culture who are not familiar with your style of dishes this is even more important. I will engineer the perfect photos for any menu items and present them in the best possible way with a variety of methods that bring out the vibrancy and appeal of the food. Further, by choosing which particular high margin dishes that you want to feature more prominently on your menu you can increase profits at the same time as helping your customers. The only way to produce a professional photo style food menu is to use a professional food photography service. The do it yourself method just will not cut it in these times of high competition when your competitors all have sleek and professional menus. I offer a very competitive pricing structure for any restaurant food photography needs while never compromising our very high standards.

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