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Paul Anderson

Photography and Videography · West Linn Oregon United States

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31 ratings
104 jobs completed

I've come to find that making videos for people and their business is a relationship game. I'm being invited into someones home (place of business) and I'm we chat. I get to know them as I ask them questions about who they are and what makes their business stand out, which I believe is what makes them personally stand out. The best interviews are always the ones where no script is involved. It's very candid. I love these moments, because I feel that I can take that emotion home with me and feed it into my edit. I feel the same about photography. You are forming a relationship with this person who is allowing you to be very personal with them. It's about trust. I try to make it fun and that often times makes the images pop.

Paul Anderson's Overall Rating

"Thank you! This looks great."

Erica Hemming 2012-10-13

"Very well made with what he had."

Robin Kwon 2012-11-14

"Love it. I stumbled at one point which of course I am going to notice but everything else about it is great."

Francesca Swartz 2012-10-31

"great person to work with!"

TJ Reilly 2012-09-11

"I should have had a drink before the shoot to calm my nerves, but overall I'm very pleased with the result that shows people who I am and what I'm all about which was my #1 goal."

Gary Boyer 2012-11-15

"Video is amazing. Paul was a great filmmaker."

Jonathan Guthridge 2013-06-18

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