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Photography · Oakland California United States

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I am currently the photography manager and lead photographer at TouchOfModern.com I push pixels and take product photos during the day, by night I am often riding my bike around Oakland or hunting down new trails to hike in the Bay Area. My experience started early on as a concert photographer for Vagrant Records in Los Angeles, and later I progressed into the print world as an associate photographer for Future US Publications...shooting for clients such as Nintendo Power and PC Gamer, talk about the dream! Anyways, I later shot for galleries and clothing companies in San Francisco. Then all the sudden, I found myself managing a team of five extremely talented photographers and editors over at TouchOfModern.com I am on SmartShoot because as fun and diverse as having a full time photography job is, it often leads me down formulaic and static creatives lines. I use freelancing as my creative outlet to push and experiment with the limits of the photography world. Most of all, I love helping others that need help, so let me...help you!

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