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Pablo Paparazzo

Photography and Videography · Lithonia United States

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Pablo Paparazzo was born in Jamaica, and grew up in the United States. Pablo has lived in NY, Miami, and Atlanta. At an early age he discovered that he was in love with audio mixing and editing. He worked in a Caribbean music studio from when he was 15. While working at the studio he was the assistant to the chief engineer who was also a DJ. While learning about audio production he also learned how to be a reggae DJ. For the next few years Pablo worked hard and learned as much as he can. Due to Hurricane Andrew, which devastated Miami, Pablo was forced to move to Atlanta. When he got to Atlanta he started his career as a dancehall reggae club DJ. From 1993-2000 he rocked capacity crowds in numerous reggae venues around Atlanta. Pablo was also a a radio dj for 2 am stations. Pablo never gave up his passion of photography. He would finish his DJ set, only to pick up his 35mm camera to take pictures. In the early 2000’s, when a close friend whom was working for a fairly new hip-hop radio station, asked if he could build websites. While working on a private project, Hot 107.9 (Radio-One) decided to develop a Internet presence, Pablo was then asked if he wanted to be the web services manager for 4 radio stations. He jumped at the opportunity. While serving as the Web Services Manager, Pablo saw an opportunity to blend his passions of music and photography, and then venture into videography. Within the next few years Pablo learned as much as he can about cinematography. Later he started an Interactive Dept., which was responsible for filming events and concerts. Armed with a team of interns for the next 5 years they brought a face to radio. In June 2006, Pablo and his team were solely responsible for over a million unique views in 24 hours of the annual concert “Birthday Bash 11” on hot1079atl.com. After leaving Radio One in early 2008, Pablo started his own media company (Paparazzo Media) and then created a Caribbean Video site titled “TunUpTv.com.” Soon after a friend by the name of Cadillac Kimberly asked if he could be lead producer for her newly started VLOG, and COO of C. K. Entertainment. Cadillac Kimberly recently signed with WME Management and currently in negotiations with networks to air concepts developed by Cadillac Kimberly Entertainment. Pablo continues to build his Media Company, and is always willing to work with creative, open minded, envelope shredding individuals.

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