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What is Panorama Photography?

Remember the flipbook cartoons you used to make as a kid? Panoramic photographs work in a very similar manner. A panorama is a series of pictures crafted together to create something a wide-angle lens just can’t handle. The viewer's eyes experience this series as one photo, so it is seen as a 90-to-360 degree masterpiece. If you're a property manager or realtor looking to attract customers, then your main sales pitch is a tour. Why pick Panorama over video or traditional photography? Simple. Unlike videography or traditional photography, panorama photography allows customers to view a property or venue extremely quickly. Since panorama photography can communicate your property's best features in one single picture, there's no need to disorient the viewer by breaking up the space. Panorama photography lets you say everything you need to say with a single glance.

by SmartShoot
Jason Perrone

Tips for Panorama Photography


Parallax Error

Maintaining matching focus throughout each shot is paramount to a polished end product. For success, ensure that the nodal axis rotation point is from the lens and not from the bottom of the camera. The camera should not be sitting directly on the tripod head, but rather properly measured on an extension such as a Nodal Linear arm, or a panoramic plate. Additionally, a consistently level and angled camera must be maintained for each of the photo within a linear row. Otherwise, the focus will be off and pictures will not stitch together properly. If the final image you receive is not free from parallax error, reschedule the photo-shoot and start from scratch.


High Definition

If your final image returns to you grainy or with visible pixels, then either the photographer didn’t use HDR mode when snapping pictures, or was not using a professional level camera. If it’s an issue of equipment, you may have to hire another photographer to shoot. Alternatively, ask that they use an L-plate before the shoot, as vertical imagery can increase the megapixels or the end product and widen the height of each row.



Panorama photo shoots generally take place indoors which provides flexibility on scheduling. Since the camera needs to shoot every angle to complete a panorama photo, it's best to shoot when there are as few people present as possible. People (and mirrors) can generally be removed or blurred in post-product, but this service can add substantially to the cost.



If your photo arrives shaped like a slithering snake or uneven stairs instead of having nice crisp edges, this could be the result of either the shoot or post-production. Regardless, the photographer may be able to make the necessary post-production adjustments without having to re-shoot.

by Jason Perrone

How much does Panoramic Photography cost?

Generally, panoramic photographers will charge $500 for a half-day shoot and $1000 for a full day. A single-row panoramic will cost less than a multi-row. A good gage might be to pay per row with a multi-row, covering everything from the floor to ceiling, being the most expensive. The height of your room, how many rooms there are, and the amount of vertical space on the property all play a role in pricing. The more rows of space you wish to encompass, the more elaborate set up and shoot time is required, and the more complicated the post-production becomes. If you don’t have cathedral ceilings or marble floors to show off, and you’re fine with an eye-level view, then you could expect to pay less. However, if you’re looking for a constellation of panoramic images, expect to pay more.

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An example project

10 Panos and Virtual Tours needed for a property

For panoramic photography it's best to convey what type of location you would like shot, whether it is an interior-only shoot, or if there are exteriors that you would like shot. Keep in mind that the photographer will need to carry their equipment - so try and make it clear that you will want to shoot on days that are clear if exteriors are requested. Explain what your ideal turnaround is and where you would like to use the images. Request a virtual tour be built if you are looking to use this on a website and want the immersive 360 experience. Explain that they must have ability to shoot and build the tour.

Suggested Price: $750

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