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Pablo Robles

Photography · Gilbert Arizona United States

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14 ratings
76 jobs completed
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Hi, my name is Pablo Robles and I am a professional photographer. Over the past few years, my work has been featured on several magazines and newspapers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Los Angeles and Germany. My style of photography is very simple, getting it right in camera. I make sure that my client's needs are met and that they are satisfied with the final results.

Pablo Robles's Overall Rating

"Great variety - lots of scenarios to choose from. "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-09-13

"Great job by Pablo Soot was done in a proffesionalmanner and all photos will be used."

Joseph Morrissey 2016-04-27

"Hi Pablo, Thank you for uploading the pictures! Here are my feedback: - Please be careful to the brightness of the pictures. We would like them to have the same brightness. In this set, the exterior pictures have a changing brightness - Please make sure to shoot all required pictures. We won't be able to approve your next sets if you miss a required photo. You can always check the photographers' guide available here: https://turo.com/photographers. We gathered all the required information you need to have to make a perfect photoshoot! - Please suggest three cool spots around Phoenix when getting in touch with an owner. Nice backgrounds add tremendous value to the set. A parking lot is not ideal.. Best regards and looking forward to see your next photoshoots! Thibaut"

Turo 2016-11-28

"Good variations of interiors &amp; exteriors - just wish there had been a few more plates to choose"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-09-17

"Hi Pablo, Thank you for submitting the pictures, really cool spot and nice pictures! For next times, please keep in mind to shoot all required pictures, it seems we're missing the close-up photos here :) Best - Thibaut"

Turo 2016-10-31

"Hi Pablo, thank you for submitting your pictures. Here are my feedback for next times: - Please make sure the wheels are straight when you shoot exterior pictures, except for the first one (front rear angle) - Please keep the same focus for the exterior pictures (the car should be centered the same way in every exterior pictures) - Please keep in mind that our website automatically cropps 20% of each picture in order to maximise the customer experience on all devices. Therefore, please make sure to have an adapted distance when you shoot exterior pictures Best - Thibaut"

ThibautTuro 2016-12-29