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Noofoo Media

· Croydon United Kingdom

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Noofoo Media was founded 2005 and having expanded the video production from the United Kingdom to Europe, Noofoo Media is now looking to broaden its horizons further using the latest in film technology. We currently provide state of the art UAV (drone) capabilities along with the latest in gimbal stabilisation systems. After getting a lot of experience working as freelancers we have begun operating under our own company. With a strong background in both TV & Film production we now take on more of the creative aspects of filming. Being able to direct our own content is something we are very passionate about. We are able to produce a fantastic level of work by using the latest technology combined with our creative and rich minds. Whether your corporation need a video to spread on social media, a TV commercial or your existing production needs extra hands on set, we are there for you. Whatever your needs, great or small, we set excellence as our standard.

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