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Photography · Orlando Florida United States

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I began my career as a sign maker in high school after receiving my Commercial Art certification. After several years, my portfolio expanded and improved enough to land a job with an ad agency in Miami, FL--this is where my photography journey began. Starting off with simple product photography in a studio, I was intrigued to take my camera outdoors and familiarize myself with different lighting situations. Eventually, I made a move to Orlando, FL and began working as a graphic designer in the Brand department of a vacation resort. As a designer, I felt the resort was lacking photography so I decided to put my camera to work and include my captures into my design concepts. After about three years and lots of photography practice, I was given the opportunity to become the Multimedia Manager and handle all the photography and videography for the resort. It has now been five years I've held that position which has been very rewarding for me. What I enjoy photographing the most is architecture, landscape and lifestyle photography for ad campaigns or corporate profiles. I am lucky enough and am very thankful to be able to put to practice what I love, every day.

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