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Neal Ten Eyck

Videography · Buffalo New York United States

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Neal Ten Eyck is a camera operator and award winning cinematographer based in Western New York. He shoots narrative, documentary, commercial work, docu-series, reality television, music videos, live events and performance art. His partner list includes NFL Films, Viceland (VICE), A+E, NBC Universal, History Channel, BET, NFL Network, Fox Sports GO, Discovery, New Era Cap Company, ABC to name a few.

Neal lensed The Dead Man’s Number, which went on to win a Gold Remi Award at the 47th annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in the Suspense/Thriller Shorts category. This is the third oldest film festival in the United States and past Remi Award winners include Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, the Coen brothers, Oliver Stone and David Lynch.

Neal has a BFA from the City College of New York which boasts the oldest continuous curriculum in the study of motion pictures of any university in America.

At a young age Neal shot his first films on the Fischer Price PXL2000 he had received as a christmas gift from his family. Some how he had realized that Hershey’s chocolate syrup could be perceived as blood in the black and white medium, hence his first film fell into the thriller genre. Later Neal would experiment with and pull off more sophisticated in camera SFX in his music videos. As a young adult, Neal became a still photographer, which eventually came back full circle and he applied all that he had learned from stills to motion pictures.

Neal believes in light, shadow and above all, a good story.

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