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Moris Moreno

Photography · Seattle Washington United States

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MORIS MORENO /// MIAMI + SEATTLE With great love and appreciation for architecture and the art of design, for the last 15 years I’ve been fortunate to live and work in many diverse environments. As a bilingual, bi-coastal architectural and hospitality photographer, I maintain studios in both Miami and Seattle. My experience allows me to be flexible enough in my approach of crafting images that capture not only the physical details of a space, but also create the intangible sensation of being in them. I live to capture the fine details of craftsmanship in relation to space and the changing effects of light in a room. My images are thoughtfully composed, meticulously styled, expertly lit and masterfully post produced. With a background in art direction and business, I’m keen to interpret my clients’ visions. I see professional photographs as an essential part of building and marketing their brand. This has been the case shooting for clients like DLR Group, HOK Architect, Marriot and Luxe Magazine. I attribute my life-long love of photography to my father—One of my earliest memories is looking at his old photos; one, in particular, was a fast moving race car he shot at the Indi 500. He took this picture with his now-vintage Canon G-III, which is one of my most coveted possessions. In my downtime, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga, tackling home improvement projects, and relaxing with my lovely wife Mariana and our two children Sofia and Eitan. They keep me busy and at peace.