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Morgan | Director &amp; DP

Videography · San Francisco California United States

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Top 3 Benefits of Working with First Focus Films 1. Improve Website Conversion Rates. Did you know video landing pages are 66% more successful at converting your call-to-action than text-based landing pages? When we implement a video landing page on your website, users will be more engaged and ready to take the next step in your sales funnel. 2. Distinguish Brand Position. Good products work well, but great products unfold well. Your company’s brand is your spokesperson when you can’t be; First Focus Films incorporates your unique product market fit into a video that is designed to deliver on the key benefits your customers will receive. 3. Enhance Business Through Viral Selling. By 2019, video will be over 80% of traffic on the internet and we don’t want your business to be behind the pack. Morgan will work with you to create a video content marketing strategy that

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